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Week 4, last week of work placement

Last week was supposed to be my last week of my work placement at the De Montfort Universities Events Office. But because I have really enjoyed myself and have loved working with my colleagues (I think I can call them that) in the events office, I decided to stay an extra week. Today was supposed to be my last day but they just can’t seem to get rid of me. I will be in the Events Office on Monday, to finalize any work I still have to do (don’t think there is any), to hand over my work that is still going on and to have my placement debrief.

My five weeks in the DMU Events Office have been great. I have done so much and have been included in so many ongoing events that I really have got a good view of how events are planned from scratch, how events work with the Press office and eventually seeing everything coming together.

I have worked and helped out at several events and even did evening work and an early mornings.

I have been in contact with The Leicester Comedy Festival, The Literary and Philosophical Society and several marquee companies. I have been phoning people to follow-up if they are coming to events, have been using new programs I never knew existed and have met some great people.

Organising events should be something I can be good at after this experience and writing press releases has become easier as well.

The overall experience has been really good and I am sad to leave the Events Office and the team. ut who knows I might be helping out at future events this year?!

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